What I like the most about this project is the story that is linked with it. Artists build up their inspiration in different ways, but really often it comes from their own life-observations and moments they experienced. That is what exactly happened in my case. 

One jolly evening I met with my friends and we ate magic mushrooms. I did not sleep that night. The next day seemed to be as normal as usual. Clock alarm, coffee, the same road to work, the same desk, the same people, tasks, projects to put together and then... New project. One of the designers asked me to draw for him some autumn motives. He wanted to use the motives for prints in the collection he was working on. I started to draw. I still had shapes and colours of mushrooms on my mind from the last evening. They can be truly hipnotazing. I started to build up my ideas and forging my drawings of various mushrooms and a few other motives I came up with. To my delight the designer liked drawings of mushrooms very much and asked for more. You do not need to ask me twice for drawing mushrooms! I have painted them even on the wall in my house! Although finnaly my drawings did not appear in the collection prints, the company used them to decorate the store on Shopping Night Barcelona. To my surprise they chose the most magical ones, the same that I have painted on the wall at home. Funny how sometimes life can choose you to take part in things. Maybe the mushroom drawings were not the best drawings in my life but I love to share this story with others and they just looked magical on the Shopping Night in the beautiful Barcelona city.
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