The objective of project was to create a product which would use a biodegradable unwoven fabric made of flax waste, which under compost conditions is 100% degradable within 60 days of its disposal. The mascots become an emergency help for children in difficult situations they have to face. The mascots are to divert the children’s attention from such situations and then to turn unpleasant memories into new value, or a new life. They use aromatherapy which has been rarely used in toys so far. They contain such essentional oils such as vanilla, orange and eucalyptus. They contain bean, soy beans, corn and unwoven fabric cuttings (from cut-out remains), soaked with essentional oils. The unwoven fabric is dyed with natural dyes (green tea, curcuma, camomile and onion skins). When the mascot is worn out, it can be put into a flower pot, filled up with earth and watered, and a plant, or a new life, will grow from the seeds. A target group includes kindergarten-age children (from 3 to 6 years of age), also over 6 years old.
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